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A Beautiful Weekend in San Jose & Capitola, CA

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Happy Monday! Here are some photos I wanted to share from my lovely weekend. I had my very first ever Garage Sale! It was actually pretty fun but I must say required a lot of prep. Gathering the items, setting up tables in my garage, pricing items, etc. It was supposed to be a community garage sale but only four of us participated! I hope they plan another one this summer or later in the year and I can help promote and market it more. Not many people knew it was happening and were sad they didn’t get to participate! Believe it or not I still have SO much stuff so I need to pack it all up now and donate it to the Salvation Army for families who could really use the stuff.

On Sunday I ran on the beach again! This time we went to Seacliff Beach and ran over 4 miles! I am getting so much better with running and breathing deeper to keep my energy up. It is so nice to see my progress and how much easier running is getting for me. Running on the beach is so relaxing and you get to see so many dogs and families and sea life. We were up and out of there with a great workout completed by noon! And what better way to finish off the day than getting home and jumping in the pool followed by a marathon of Breaking Bad! (We are on Season 1 but hope to catch up by the premiere on July 15th!)

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Peonies to brighten up my room. My faves

My friend rescued these from a box at Costco. Sad, but now they have the best home!

Our entertainment at the Garage Sale! “No, they are not for sale!”

So tired. Look how he passed out! 6 week old terrier mix

The wharf at Seacliff Beach

Miles of beach to run on…..and man did we do that

The last few feet of my run…..look what I found. What a perfect end to my run on the beach! ❤


Boxer puppies are by far the cutest

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I just came across this cute photo of Duchess and wanted to share it with you all! This was taken on November 12, 2011, the day Duchess came home from the airport. She was only 9 weeks old and now she is almost 9 months old! This was such a special day and I was so happy picking Matt up from the airport with this ‘lil bundle of joy! She fit in his carry on bag and they got to sit together (if she didn’t fit he was going to drive up from San Diego). Her name was Diva when we found her and boy does that name fit her!