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Boxer puppies are by far the cutest

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I just came across this cute photo of Duchess and wanted to share it with you all! This was taken on November 12, 2011, the day Duchess came home from the airport. She was only 9 weeks old and now she is almost 9 months old! This was such a special day and I was so happy picking Matt up from the airport with this ‘lil bundle of joy! She fit in his carry on bag and they got to sit together (if she didn’t fit he was going to drive up from San Diego). Her name was Diva when we found her and boy does that name fit her!

Doggy Daycare: Part II

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What a weekend I had! Apparently last time I fostered a dog from Doggy Protective Services one wasn’t enough. This time I wanted to make a zoo out of my condo. I fostered one puppy, babysat two Boxers and of course have my own! Four dogs were a bit much. I had to call in for help Friday night because I couldn’t handle it. My girlfriend came over to help me with all the dogs and keep them from tearing down the house.

The dog I fostered this time was Snoopy, a one year old Beagle mix. I really didn’t like the name and apparently he didn’t either because he never listened when I called him. He was such a good boy though. He was very timid and was awfully scared of Duchess, the 6 month old female boxer puppy! Poor Snoopy would run to a corner to try and hide from her. I felt so bad at first that I brought him into this situation but by the time he left they were best buds. I was happy to see that the next day he loosened up a bit and couldn’t stop playing with Duchess. This experience was great for him because he was socialized with other dogs and I think it will help him get adopted.

Halo, the older white Boxer, even tried to get in the mix but it was really just Duchess’ game. I can’t even explain how hard it was. This must be what it feels like to have kids. Every second I was running from room to room to keep tabs on all the pups. I couldn’t leave Duchess alone because she would tear something up or have an accident or pounce on Snoopy. And I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Snoopy because he was a jumper and also liked to try and sneak out of the house. And he actually did- twice. I was terrified but finally caught him.

I dropped off Snoopy the next day at the adoption and wished him well. I found out he wasn’t adopted and was sad to hear that but I know there are more adoption events and I am sure someone will bring him home. Until next time…

Snoopy on the couch

The Welby Zoo. Halo, Gracie, Duchess & Snoopy

Look at her little tongue! They were so cute fighting for this bone.

Trying to wear out Duchess with a game of fetch. It didn’t work!