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Recently I have become obsessed with Pinterest and it reminded me how much I love arts & crafts. I have a new love for DIY projects and while browsing Pinterest I discovered Etsy, another site I love! The website allows people like myself to sell their homemade products or vintage belongings. 

Here is the link to my shop on Etsy! I have 4 jewelry hangers made from vintage picture frames (see below) and fun mason jar items for sale! More to come soon.

My DIY Tutorial on Perfume Bottle Vases

MY DIY Cake Pop Tutorial




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  2. Hiya, really pleased to discover your blog, it’s a great read and am looking forward to exploring more. I am starting up running too so it’s good to find someone who’s at the same stages I am! I am floating around the 5k mark but want to push to 10…


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