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Wedding Gift Ideas

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Here is a great etiquette question I answered at work today for the Wedding Paper Divas blog.

Alexa Asks…

What are some etiquette tips for the best wedding gift ideas? We are traveling across the country for my friend’s wedding and are spending a lot of money so I wanted to know if we still needed to bring a gift?

Etta Says…

We know weddings can be very expensive, for the bridesmaids, the guests traveling in and of course for the couple and their immediate family, but etiquette states you still need to bring a gift to the wedding. Flights and your presence at the wedding do not count as the gift although some might like to think so. Here are some wedding gifts ideas and etiquette tips for you as well as the others involved in the wedding!

The couple will mostly likely have a wedding registry for you to get ideas and choose gifts from although it is not mandatory to purchase a gift from the registry, it is purely for convenience. If you decide to purchase something outside of the registry study the items they chose to get a better idea of their taste and style. Buying something more personal is always a very nice touch and could truly sentimental to the couple. Think of a few things before you go shopping: What do they like to do for fun? What have we done with the couple that they really enjoyed? Is there something they really want to start or try for the first time? These questions should get the ball rolling and will help you find a very special gift for the newlyweds.

Some people have heard myths that you need to spend as much as the couple is spending on you to attend the wedding but this is untrue. Find a present that works within your budget, decide how well you know the couple, and find something they will truly appreciate. Feel free to send money to the couple as well because if they are already living together and have established their home they might not need the traditional blender or new espresso machine. Many couples actually prefer money because they can use it on their honeymoon and spend it on more important things. Hey, maybe they even need to pay off some of the wedding bills!  Also, keep in mind that you should send the gift as soon as possible. Some people say you have up to a year but this is another common myt

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