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DIY Perfume Bottle Vase

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As I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinets I noticed some of my pretty perfume bottles that were empty. I have had them for a while because I did not want to throw out such pretty bottles! I decided I would make DIY perfume bottles and use them as mini vases. It was so easy and I made them in just about 15 minutes. Here is how I did it!

  1. Remove the top of perfume bottle. The first part that comes off very easily is the cap to the spritzer. Once that is off try and loosen the rest of it and one other outer shell should come off. This part is covering the main lid on the bottle.
  2. Once you have these two pieces off, grab your pliers and remove the lid of the perfume bottle. These are secured on very tightly so you will need to use your muscles!!
  3. Once the lid is off run warm water into the bottle for a minute or so and then add some soap and rinse it out some more.
  4. After you rinsed it out with water, pour a little alcohol in it to remove any other smells.
  5. Fill the bottle up with fresh clean water and find a little flower to put in it!

I had just bought some hydrangeas so I cut a few small ones off and put them in my new DIY Perfume bottle vase! You could even use small fake flowers as well. Another thing I want to try (as soon as I go to Michaels) is add sequins and glitter to the water to give it a little more personality and pizazz!


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  1. so if i were to put fake flowers in the perfume bottle vase, what type of filler do you suggest i use?


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