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The Things I Have Learned About Running while Running

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Saturday’s run took us by the new mural at San Jose International Airport

Recently as I have begun running more and more I realized there are a few things I learned on my own. As an amateur runner I had no idea on what to wear or how to be comfortable so I thought I should share these tips with any other new runners out there! They might seem silly and small but really make a difference for me and the more comfortable I feel, the easier it is for me to run.

Here are the things I have learned in no order of importance:

  1. Wearing your hair in a high pony tail is annoying. It keeps falling down and I always have to mess with it. What I learned: wear it in a tight, low pony and you won’t mess with it the whole run. Pretty obvious right? (And to top it off, they make no slip hair ties!)
  2. For yoga, I love to wear Lucy-type-form-fitting clothes, but while you are running they move up and down a lot. What I learned: Wearing baggy shirts and a sports bra is way more comfortable and you don’t have to adjust anything.
  3. Shorts are uncomfortable. Maybe I am wearing the wrong types but they just move everywhere. What I learned: Leggings or spandex capris are way more comfortable. (These are the Adidas ones I just bought.)
  4. Slapping your feet on the ground and twisting and bouncing wastes your energy. What I learned: run as if you are barefoot. You will save energy and it is better for your body.
  5. Running with a bottle of water in your hand is annoying. In the beginning it was like my security blanket or something. I felt like I couldn’t go on a run without water because what if I died of thirst? What I learned: I will be fine and there is one water fountain off the trail that tastes just fine.
  6. Running around a track is just plain boring. What I learned: running along the trail is much more enjoyable for obvious reasons. You never know what you will see or encounter and you can take a different route each time.
  7. If your feet hurt because your shoes are too tight buy new ones. What I learned: your toenails will bruise and its painful and not pretty!

I think that is everything that is on my mind right now and I hope it helps you too! What have you learned while running that you wish you knew beforehand that just made life easier?

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  1. I agree with running with baggy shirt and sports bra. Makes for nice airflow and you’re not tugging it down when it shimmies up. And same with shorts! Love spandex capris for running. Definitely. What about music? or do your run without tunes? I just find earbuds are incredibly annoying and never stay in. grr.

  2. I haven’t ran with music because I am always running with my bf or dog and we love to chat! Since I got my Tuneband for my iPhone I keep that on just to track my distance and time but hate the earbuds too!!! How funny….plus I think it is scary to have absolutely no idea who might be running up behind you!?

    • I second that. I guess I normally run in the mornings around my neighbourhood. But running in the evenings or on a trail I would leave the tunes behind. Thats great you have company for your runs 🙂 it makes a difference

      • Oh yeah that is a good point! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi! Yours is great too! Good luck with the wedding and running.

  3. Cristina L Ramos

    The one thing I kinda like when I am running is a long jacket. I use the jacket to wipe off my sweat so it doesnt get in my eyes (for those of you that have a sweating problem like me). It helps to keep the moisture off your face and I like to grip the end of my long jacket.

    I second that the ear buds are SO annoying but I really need music. It helps me tune out and track how long I’ve been running. Any suggestions for good ear buds that don’t fall out of your ears?

  4. Awesome blog and great tips! Yeah- music is a must and I can run 5 times longer lol I feel invincible. Yes I agree with all tips- for me high and low pony tail works, but my hair is short and super light – also I recommend Oh and the toe nails and water- yes!!! its the most annoying thing.

  5. Praise the Lord for “compression pants” (capris). Love them!! These are great tips! Thanks, Brittany!

  6. Lil, are you close to me? We live on first and Julian! I need a running partner! I’m only up to 2 miles right now so you might be too advanced … haha! Love your blog!


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