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The Things I Have Learned About Running while Running

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Saturday’s run took us by the new mural at San Jose International Airport

Recently as I have begun running more and more I realized there are a few things I learned on my own. As an amateur runner I had no idea on what to wear or how to be comfortable so I thought I should share these tips with any other new runners out there! They might seem silly and small but really make a difference for me and the more comfortable I feel, the easier it is for me to run.

Here are the things I have learned in no order of importance:

  1. Wearing your hair in a high pony tail is annoying. It keeps falling down and I always have to mess with it. What I learned: wear it in a tight, low pony and you won’t mess with it the whole run. Pretty obvious right? (And to top it off, they make no slip hair ties!)
  2. For yoga, I love to wear Lucy-type-form-fitting clothes, but while you are running they move up and down a lot. What I learned: Wearing baggy shirts and a sports bra is way more comfortable and you don’t have to adjust anything.
  3. Shorts are uncomfortable. Maybe I am wearing the wrong types but they just move everywhere. What I learned: Leggings or spandex capris are way more comfortable. (These are the Adidas ones I just bought.)
  4. Slapping your feet on the ground and twisting and bouncing wastes your energy. What I learned: run as if you are barefoot. You will save energy and it is better for your body.
  5. Running with a bottle of water in your hand is annoying. In the beginning it was like my security blanket or something. I felt like I couldn’t go on a run without water because what if I died of thirst? What I learned: I will be fine and there is one water fountain off the trail that tastes just fine.
  6. Running around a track is just plain boring. What I learned: running along the trail is much more enjoyable for obvious reasons. You never know what you will see or encounter and you can take a different route each time.
  7. If your feet hurt because your shoes are too tight buy new ones. What I learned: your toenails will bruise and its painful and not pretty!

I think that is everything that is on my mind right now and I hope it helps you too! What have you learned while running that you wish you knew beforehand that just made life easier?

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