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Think Like A Champion

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Before today when I heard the name Donald Trump I thought of his epic hair/toupee and his great quotes from The Apprentice, such as “You’re Fired.” I never really knew much about him other than he is a billionaire developer and creates amazing buildings.

A few Easters ago I was with family friends and met a woman who was Meredith McIver’s friend. (Meredith is Donald Trump’s co-writer on his most recent book Think Like a Champion.) The woman, whose name has escaped me, was the Easter party and had a few signed copies of the book from Donald Trump. I was able to get one and since then it has been sitting on my bookshelf! Today I was inspired to read it and I am so happy I did! I actually wish I had read it as soon as I got it but never made the time to do so.

I am feeling SO INSPIRED today! Donald Trump is such an amazing businessman and provided so much great advice for anyone interested in learning more and becoming successful in the business world.

I will briefly list my favorite advice from the book and encourage you to read the book if you haven’t yet. The book is a fast read and every chapter is about 2.5 pages- each a short essay focusing on one specific topic. I am so excited because I start my new job tomorrow at Tiny Prints and am amped up!

  • The importance of Being a Team Player-always help out everyone around you. And don’t expect anything in return
  • Learn to Think on Your Feet-very important and I learned this at Cinequest while running the PR Campaign. Be ready to expect the unexpected and have Plan B ready!
  • The More You Learn, The More You Realize You Don’t Know
  • Confronting Your Fears-“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • My Favorite essay-KEEP IT SHORT, FAST, AND DIRECT-I also learned this at Cinequest. We are all busy. Get to the point-and fast! This also reminds me of another thing I learned: Don’t come to me with a problem. Come to me with a problem AND a solution. Think it through first! It saves everyone time.
  • Momentum is Something You Have to Work at to Maintain-find your tempo and stay consistent. Your team will learn this and pick up the pace to work at your speed
  • Keep the Big Picture in Mind-focus on the details but always keep the big picture in mind
  • Winners See Problems as Just Another Way to Prove Themselves-I really enjoyed this essay. I like problem solving and a challenge so this really resonated with me. If you can work under pressure and think on your feet you will be successful
  • Think Positively-seems so basic and cliché but some people really forget how important this is
  • Set the Standard-set a standard for yourself-personally and in business and stick to it. People will appreciate this and as you are building your brand you will become more credible and one day people will believe in your products based on your name. ie: Trump
  • Know Your Audience-I think this is really important as well. Find that common ground with your business partners. It can really turn a dry and/or painful meeting/presentation into something more natural and fluid. Connect with your clients and partners!

Post your comments and tell me what you think is most important for becoming successful!