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I love yoga

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Over the past 7 months I have discovered my love for yoga. I am so happy practicing yoga and learning to relax more and just….breathe. I started practicing at the studio near my office, Downtown Yoga Shala, and it has been amazing. I love Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and all Vinayasa classes…flow, power, or gentle. My all time favorite was Tibetan Heart Yoga and Meditation but the lovely instructor Denise had to leave the studio so the class was canceled! I hope she comes back soon because the class was amazing. It was almost like a lecture…actually it was. She taught everyone how to meditate, be more compassionate, put great, positive energy out in the world, and just to treat everyone as if they were your family.

For inspiration, watch this video. It is remarkable. I hope to be at this level one day. It is refreshing to know after each class I get just a little bit closer.