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What To Expect at a Pig Roast

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Living in North Dakota as a California native has been an interesting experience. When people ask where I am from and I tell them I just moved from San Francisco they think I am crazy, but it’s working. I moved here to be with my husband and am trying to make the most of it. We have been lucky enough to experience some really cool events and parties while we are here, and this is by far one of the best! Corbin’s friend just had his 20th annual Pig Feed at his ranch in Tiago and it was so cool. They got a pig and buried it 6 feet underground and covered it with corn leaves, foil, and lots of dirt and let it roast for about 16 hours, and the result was amazing.

Here is a photo recap of the weekend:

First Stop – A Legendary Whirl-a-Whip from Dakota Drug in Stanley, ND. The only store that still serves this 50’s treat. You must stop here!



The juiciest pork I have ever had! 



Gracie enjoying the view of Lake Sakakawea from the Ranch


They had a beautiful fireworks show – loved it, but it freaked out Gracie and she ran away and hid under the neighbors RV…took us a while to find her 😦 



We ended the night with live music from the stage overlooking the lake. We did plenty of karaoke (they call it kuh-ro-kee in ND)  and embaressed ourselves alot! Such a fun family friendly event.