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After Running: Fruit Smoothie Tutorial

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After my run tonight and about 75 squats and sit-ups I felt like I needed to put something very healthy in my body. I opened my fridge and saw an abundance of fruit so I decided to make a refreshing fruit smoothie. Here is a photo of the ingredients!

All you need to do is add a cup of crushed ice and cranberry juice in the blender with a half a cup of vanilla yogurt to give it a base and nice consistency. Then I added in some seedless watermelon, apricots, and peaches. Make sure to cut the fruit down so it mixes easily. After I blended it all together for about a minute I tried it and it was great but decided my muscles were a little sore so I added some protein powder as well. I have been working out so much and so hard lately that I think I need to take in more protein to stay fit and build my muscles.

Here is a before picture and an after picture with the protein added.  It is milk chocolate so you can see the difference in color. It was very yummy and a healthy meal!

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie with Chocolate protein powder added