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What I Learned At The Farmer’s Market

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It was a gorgeous day at the Farmer’s Market at San Pedro Square Saturday! I got some lovely fresh flowers and am so excited about them. Sunflowers, pink hydrangeas, dahlias, and some others ones that I am not familiar with. Does anyone know what this grey velvety looking flower is? It is so cute and I have never felt anything like this before! I also learned something new that might be obvious to some but I am stoked! For hydrangeas, I learned to cut the stems and make them just about 4-6 inches long, put them in a short vase, and tie them with a rubber band to ensure they all stay together and don’t slump over. The lovely woman selling the flowers told me this and I am so excited about it. They look so much better in the vase now and I even did it with the sunflower/dahlia arrangement.


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