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My movie weekend: Brittany’s take on some reviews

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Happy Monday everyone! I had such a great weekend spending time with family and friends and it felt like such a long weekend. I love when that happens and you feel rested on Monday.

I saw two great movies this weekend that I wanted to share. First, I saw Act of Valor and I thought it was great. The film came out earlier this year and follows an elite Navy SEALs team as they are trying to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent. The best part of the film is the SEALs are real servicemen-not actors. Now, some parts were a little cheesy and I cringed at the acting, but it wasn’t too bad because they are active duty SEALs! I couldn’t get over the fact how amazing these Navy SEALs are. The missions they did, the combat, the heroism, was all so inspiring. The combat scenes were also REAL with live ammunition. It was very interesting to watch the SEALs and see some of their real life events and better understand what they do! It also gave me more insight into the mission that found and killed Osama Bin Laden. It is crazy what these “warriors” can do. Drop out of planes in the water, sky dive out of helicopters into combat.

Parts of the movie did feel like propaganda and a recruitment video by the Navy, but nonetheless it was emotional, heroic and truly inspirational. I highly recommend this movie to everyone!

The next movie I saw was Promethesus 3D! Not a typical movie I would see but was easily convinced to go with my partner in crime. I am usually not into sci-fi movies but was so intrigued by the trailer. I didn’t even know this was the prequel to ALIEN! The 3D technology in this film was amazing. One of the first things I said when the first scene began was “I feel like I am right there!” We sat in the 5th row which isn’t very common for us but I am so glad we did. The best part of this movie was it was shot in real 3D which means Scott used 3D cameras to shoot the movie. Some of the best 3D movies were shot using 3D cameras (think Avatar) as opposed to be shot using 2D cameras and then converted in post-production (think Clash of the Titans). I literally felt like I was right next to cast and in the mountains in outer space. It wasn’t the typical jump-out-of-the-screen and scare you 3D movie that most of you are used to. Okay, enough about the filmmaking right? Well, overall the movie was amazing. Like I said I haven’t seen all the Alien films but this movie was also made for the typical moviegoer like me. There are some very gory and violent scenes but closing my eyes for a few seconds was fine. The story and writing was great and so was the acting! I don’t want to spoil it for everyone so go see it. I give it 5 stars for sure.


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