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My obsession with flowers

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Well my obsession with flowers continues to grow (no pun intended).  Now is the time of year I to start to brighten up my patio and that is exactly what I have done. Last year I planted some flowers on my patio in the spring and they lasted a long time but eventually wilted up over the winter. The only one that made it is my pink hibiscus plant. They aren’t fully bloomed yet but I will post some pictures when they do. The flowers make me feel like I am in Hawaii and are just gorgeous.

I think as I am getting older I have a deeper appreciation for my condo and making it look beautiful. And hopefully as I get older my green thumb will materialize because it is lacking!

Can’t wait to go back to the nursery and buy more flowers.

My daisies and sunflower pots. Can’t wait for the sunflowers to bloom!

Gracie and my lavender hydrangeas! These are my favorite.


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  1. My dog’s name is Gracie too! She looks like your dog, except all white.

  2. How cute! What kind of dog is she? I am not sure what mine is but I think shih zhu and terrier mix!!

  3. We have a lot in common! Loveee flowers!


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