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I am so excited! I just received my thank you cards in the mail that I ordered from Tiny Prints. It is my first purchase I made and I am so happy with everything. I interviewed at Tiny Prints last week and had to make my first order to see the quality and customer service and everything turned out wonderful. And to top it off-I got an offer yesterday and I accepted! I am now working for Tiny Prints as SEO Coordinator. So ‘Thank you’ universe. Perfect timing!

I am so excited to start sending out my personalized thank you notes and more importantly starting my new job next week. SEO you ask? Yes, Search Engine Optimization. This is new to me but I am so excited to learn about this very important part of marketing and PR.  SEO is so imperative because as more and more print newspapers are shutting down the majority of consumers rely on digital media which means SEO is crucial for any Marketing/PR campaign. I am so eager to learn this vital part of PR and have this added skill so I can shine in my PR career! Read this article to learn just how important SEO is for PR professionals.


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  1. I love Tiny Prints! Congrats on the new gig!!


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