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Baking and satisfying my sweet tooth

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The final product

Okay, not exactly, but I am trying! I am so into baking lately; it is quite relaxing. I received a bunch of great baking gifts for Christmas and am finally putting them to use! One of the presents was a box of Carmel Monkey Bread Mix from Sof’ella. My boyfriend bought it for me because he was getting tired of all the pumpkin bread I was making. Sweetheart! This was the first time I ever made monkey bread and it was fun. (I actually don’t think I have ever indulged in monkey bread either and I have been missing out.) It was different making this bread. Instead of just pouring in the bread mix, you get to pinch 1 inch balls and place them in the pan so they can all mesh together. I really needed to use a “monkey bread pan” or a bundt pan but did not have either. These are both added to my shopping list for next time. My sweet tooth is really kicking in these days so I will be baking more and posting pictures soon!


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